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Thread overview
266: Dismemberment (4)85: Little girls being fucked to death (181)
83: Slice of Life characters (1)71: dead lolis being raped (6)
70: loli necrophilia RP (0)64: General (Western) Loli Self-harm (0)
62: Manga Reccomendations (0)60: Yume Nikki (4)
57: No Title (3)55: Stabbed (1)
24: Innards (8)10: Executions (29)
8: lolis in eternal slumber (5)7: Pre 2000s loli guro doujinshi (5)
6: Forced Enema (1)3: Impaled Lolis (8)

File: image134.jpg (76 KB, 558x800) [EXIF]
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How about some capital punishment for the little ones?
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File: B02DF70A-2D87-4C03-815C-E7F1D97CED42.jpg (1375 KB, 1161x2048) [EXIF]
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Does anyone have the full image set of https://lolisare.fun/lg/src/1616517948165.jpg
File: rose death reel.jpg (3855 KB, 4592x7048) [EXIF]
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>> 482 KB

File: 1615684355468.png (1198 KB, 641x900) [EXIF]
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Anything that lets em out.
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as long as they look 12ish i dont care if they are 99999yo or sum shit
I get that, but you should know imageboard rule #1: If you invite a 2hu into your home, they will never leave. 2hus will outspam everyone else, because there's just too much 2hu content. There are some vtuber lolis, but do you want this place to become invested with that bullshit as well? A line has to be drawn. One million year old loli bullshit shouldn't be posted here
File: 77543475_p0.png (44 KB, 800x600) [EXIF]
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Category: Before and After
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Category: impalement 3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
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File: 0015.jpg (369 KB, 1280x1845) [EXIF]
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As long as she's dying either because of the sex or during sex, it's all good.
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File: b791247dec033f9468d3b66f7bbcc8c-5.png (3456 KB, 2000x3000) [EXIF]
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That'll be it from me for now.
File: 64926818_p3.jpg (619 KB, 868x1228) [EXIF]
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File: 1310875806521.jpg (49 KB, 512x384) [EXIF]
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Category: Ichigo Marshmallow, Matsuoka Miu, Stabbing
File: Ki4NfIg01pI.jpg (109 KB, 604x454) [EXIF]
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Category: Osaka, Azumanga Daioh, Dismemberment

File: 566459 - Madotsuki Yume_Nikki.png (484 KB, 1024x683) [EXIF]
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Anyone collect Yume Nikki stuff? I've got a few to share~!
Category: Yume Nkki, Amputee, Madotsuki
>> 463 KB
Category: Yume Nkki, Madotsuki
File: c3c4c54b500642141c3eda41d063cd62.png (833 KB, 1024x981) [EXIF]
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Category: Madotsuki, Poniko, Oral, Amputee
>> 40 KB
Category: Monoe, Monoko, Stabbing
File: 477290d015f8626f21a530aeba462590.jpg (440 KB, 1393x1208) [EXIF]
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Category: Madotsuki, Torture, Amputee

Category: dead lolis being raped 1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
OP image seems to contain an error that it can't be displayed.
>dead lolis
>being raped
Do you know what rape means?
File: Oh mister, I'm horny!.jpg (1304 KB, 2000x3000) [EXIF]
1304 KB

Yeah, sorry about that. I posted a different image to make up for it.


Having sex with a dead loli counts as rape technically speaking due to them being underage.
File: Oh mister, please take me!.jpg (247 KB, 800x1200) [EXIF]
247 KB

2nd part
>Having sex with a dead loli counts as rape technically speaking due to them being underage.
Americans are on a different level

File: Nanako's cute as a nude corpse.jpg (524 KB, 1200x924) [EXIF]
524 KB
This thread is for what you'd do to lolis in pics the previous poster provides. I'll go first....

Here's Nanako from Persona 4 dead and nude at the morgue and no one but you is around. What fun will you have with her nude body?
Category: loli necrophilia RP

File: maxresdefault.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720) [EXIF]
86 KB
Demonophobia is a classic game in this genre.
Thank you, i've been looking for this game
I heard the developer died, is it true? I couldn't find any info about this
File: NayoRiyo.png (45 KB, 169x165) [EXIF]
45 KB
I doubt it, sounds like something to add to the mystique. Supposedly he made NayoRiyo and Xenophobia. @ the 16:47 mark, a familiar heroine appears.


215 KB
Post some western styled lolis self-harming

198 KB
Thread for Manga Recommendations!

I know its niche but loligore manga is out there fellas!

A pretty fun manga I began reading recently, Tokyo Akazukin by Benkyo Tamaoki. I've been able to read it on Mangadex. Essentially Hellsing but less Nazi killing and more Ugly Bastard killing and monsters and regenerative immortal loli hitman with a deathwish and a much less coherent plot. Still, I thought it was a fun way to spend an afternoon, it has a fun, irreverent vibe to it and feels very self indulgent in being as batshit insane as it likes to be.
Category: Manga

File: 263476364.png (4 KB, 640x400) [EXIF]
4 KB
Manga, animations, games, etc from the 20th century.
now this.... this is niche.
File: yuki_033.jpg (53 KB, 600x440) [EXIF]
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Found this guro website from 1998, the art is ok, but sadly there are some dead links.
forgot link lol!
File: 96.jpg (255 KB, 845x1200) [EXIF]
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File: 238056830.jpg (42 KB, 600x541) [EXIF]
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File: 16165887716.jpg (26 KB, 700x495) [EXIF]
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Instead of inserting penis, knives were stabbed into a girl repeatedly.
File: 16165887714.jpg (30 KB, 495x700) [EXIF]
30 KB

File: 1412521160371.jpg (79 KB, 640x480) [EXIF]
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This thread is for pics of lolis in eternal slumber.....
Category: Lolis in eternal slumber
File: Hina's a pure angel.jpg (78 KB, 800x600) [EXIF]
78 KB
File: Linaria must remain here.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720) [EXIF]
83 KB
File: Linaria in eternal slumber.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720) [EXIF]
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File: Linaria deep in thought.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720) [EXIF]
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File: 1432940136283.jpg (171 KB, 672x978) [EXIF]
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