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Thread overview
343: Cannibal Thread (0)320: request (2)
284: Decapitation (9)278: Beatings (5)
266: Dismemberment (20)85: Little girls being fucked to death (181)
83: Slice of Life characters (1)71: dead lolis being raped (19)
70: loli necrophilia RP (0)64: General (Western) Loli Self-harm (0)
62: Manga Reccomendations (2)60: Yume Nikki (4)
57: No Title (3)55: Stabbed (6)
24: Innards (14)10: Executions (30)
8: lolis in eternal slumber (5)7: Pre 2000s loli guro doujinshi (8)
6: Forced Enema (1)3: Impaled Lolis (8)

File: 57457346.jpg (162 KB, 828x824) [EXIF]
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Post some tasty lolipigs

File: af9441af5da89ec7dc549f9c33abf139.jpg (682 KB, 1200x850) [EXIF]
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File: no2c.png (538 KB, 591x837) [EXIF]
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>> 116 KB
>> 159 KB
Anyone happen to have the full set (2 pics, i think)? I saw them somewhere but can’t find em again.

File: image134.jpg (76 KB, 558x800) [EXIF]
76 KB
How about some capital punishment for the little ones?
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File: B02DF70A-2D87-4C03-815C-E7F1D97CED42.jpg (1375 KB, 1161x2048) [EXIF]
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Does anyone have the full image set of https://lolisare.fun/lg/src/1616517948165.jpg
File: rose death reel.jpg (3855 KB, 4592x7048) [EXIF]
3855 KB
>> 482 KB
I was looking for this for a long time! If there is more, that would be lovely!
I love these, just a dead naked girl hanging in the woods near passerby
Yes! The pain of fire as she is strangled! I love this! More pain for the humiliating executions! It should be mortifying and excruciating!

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File: 2.png (3427 KB, 2000x3000) [EXIF]
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File: 85167274_p0.jpg (3631 KB, 2480x3508) [EXIF]
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File: 85167274_p1.jpg (3072 KB, 2480x3508) [EXIF]
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File: 80335521_p1.jpg (1238 KB, 1920x1080) [EXIF]
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File: 1620146106684.jpg (457 KB, 2598x3026) [EXIF]
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Manga, animations, games, etc from the 20th century.
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File: 238056830.jpg (42 KB, 600x541) [EXIF]
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File: 290369823.jpg (48 KB, 478x571) [EXIF]
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What game is this, OP?
Lolita Syndrome

File: picture.jpg (115 KB, 1584x1054) [EXIF]
115 KB
I remember seeing a long time ago there was a hantai manga featuring a girl reenacting the jfk killing. She literally asked her partner to shoot her in the head like happened to jfk. After that she put her own hand in her exposed brain while having sex or masterbaiting or something. I think one of the girls may have been loli but I don't remember.

Picture is not related to this request. This is purely a request post, not one for me to share a pic, but this forum software requires I upload a picture anyway, so I just picked a random anime picture to post.
Category: request
Pretty sure you're thinking of the beginning of Applicant For Death by Juan Gotoh (98872 on nhentai). Good read. It was the one that got me into guro.
File: 09.jpg (1703 KB, 2239x1600) [EXIF]
1703 KB
Yep, Applicant for Death by Juan Gotoh. Here's the money shot, so to speak. I wouldn't call it loli, tho
Category: headshot

198 KB
Thread for Manga Recommendations!

I know its niche but loligore manga is out there fellas!

A pretty fun manga I began reading recently, Tokyo Akazukin by Benkyo Tamaoki. I've been able to read it on Mangadex. Essentially Hellsing but less Nazi killing and more Ugly Bastard killing and monsters and regenerative immortal loli hitman with a deathwish and a much less coherent plot. Still, I thought it was a fun way to spend an afternoon, it has a fun, irreverent vibe to it and feels very self indulgent in being as batshit insane as it likes to be.
Category: Manga
>> 50 KB
Akazukin; what a fine old manga that is! Still have it in my own collection and revisit it from time to time.

File: 16165887716.jpg (26 KB, 700x495) [EXIF]
26 KB
Instead of inserting penis, knives were stabbed into a girl repeatedly.
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File: IXnuPzw.jpg (648 KB, 1098x1600) [EXIF]
648 KB
What was that comic?
[Nishio Ishin, Akira Akatsuki] Shonen Shoujo
File: avatar.png (1145 KB, 1080x1062) [EXIF]
1145 KB
File: image2.jpg (55 KB, 444x691) [EXIF]
55 KB

File: 25f73ba70135d14789f03d291a5610a7.png (1459 KB, 1500x1500) [EXIF]
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Let's see some bruises!
File: 96ff88d0882922fa35a425c75e0d1fce.png (1309 KB, 1500x1500) [EXIF]
1309 KB
File: 1e8f1835d4d75dfd4d4fb7f18f25eaaa.png (1007 KB, 1500x1500) [EXIF]
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File: 625141780dd04c7373d007cc087aa057.png (738 KB, 777x1369) [EXIF]
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File: ESUYgnEU4AAgBGe.jpg (13 KB, 215x301) [EXIF]
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File: 1612365484143.jpg (386 KB, 763x900) [EXIF]
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File: 1615684355468.png (1198 KB, 641x900) [EXIF]
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Anything that lets em out.
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File: aSqwOKl.jpg (207 KB, 2000x1500) [EXIF]
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File: D_2fJ3EUYAIE010.jpg (123 KB, 1200x1027) [EXIF]
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File: tsugu.gif (44741 KB, 1000x563) [EXIF]
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File: 1582958243902.jpg (80 KB, 678x1024) [EXIF]
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File: 87845946_p0.png (216 KB, 463x640) [EXIF]
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Category: pixive, KBKR

File: 1581764778447.jpg (122 KB, 800x1130) [EXIF]
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Let's behead some lolis
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File: 1483280092627.jpg (895 KB, 1250x1439) [EXIF]
895 KB
Category: Chino Kafuu
File: 1612501739.jpg (1041 KB, 2810x4000) [EXIF]
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Category: amputee
File: 1612474392.gif (4871 KB, 700x700) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
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File: 1637691649.jpg (220 KB, 948x800) [EXIF]
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Category: execution, guillotine, touhou, luna child
File: 85832147_p0.png (242 KB, 831x500) [EXIF]
242 KB
Category: pixive, KBKR

File: maxresdefault.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720) [EXIF]
86 KB
Demonophobia is a classic game in this genre.
Thank you, i've been looking for this game
I heard the developer died, is it true? I couldn't find any info about this
File: NayoRiyo.png (45 KB, 169x165) [EXIF]
45 KB
I doubt it, sounds like something to add to the mystique. Supposedly he made NayoRiyo and Xenophobia. @ the 16:47 mark, a familiar heroine appears.


File: 1596228738793.jpg (360 KB, 1000x822) [EXIF]
360 KB
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File: 57495738_p0.png (1203 KB, 1000x1000) [EXIF]
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File: N1ldJHt.jpg (191 KB, 615x843) [EXIF]
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File: 86786398_p0.jpg (975 KB, 2456x2864) [EXIF]
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File: 71512258_p2.png (595 KB, 595x841) [EXIF]
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File: 71512258_p8.png (577 KB, 595x841) [EXIF]
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File: 0015.jpg (369 KB, 1280x1845) [EXIF]
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As long as she's dying either because of the sex or during sex, it's all good.
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File: b791247dec033f9468d3b66f7bbcc8c-5.png (3456 KB, 2000x3000) [EXIF]
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File: b791247dec033f9468d3b66f7bbcc8c-6.png (3395 KB, 2000x3000) [EXIF]
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File: b791247dec033f9468d3b66f7bbcc8c-7.png (3324 KB, 2000x3000) [EXIF]
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File: b791247dec033f9468d3b66f7bbcc8c-8.png (3064 KB, 2000x3000) [EXIF]
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That'll be it from me for now.
File: 64926818_p3.jpg (619 KB, 868x1228) [EXIF]
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File: 1310875806521.jpg (49 KB, 512x384) [EXIF]
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Category: Ichigo Marshmallow, Matsuoka Miu, Stabbing
File: Ki4NfIg01pI.jpg (109 KB, 604x454) [EXIF]
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Category: Osaka, Azumanga Daioh, Dismemberment

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